Registrar- Planning, Administration and Finance

Prof Paul Njiruh Nthakanio is the Registrar in charge of Planning, Administration and Finance. He joined University of Embu in year 2013 where he served as Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Resource Management (ARM) until the appointment as a Registrar. Previously, he worked at Technical University of Kenya where he taught and researched in the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Prof. Nthakanio holds a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding and has a strong passion for Biotechnology. Out of this passion, he initiated teaching of Biochemistry and Biotechnology programmes at the Technical University of Kenya (former Kenya Polytechnic).  He has attracted some research grants and supervised a number of Masters and PhD students. His expertise in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology has lead him to author of a number of books in this area. In addition, he is a consultant in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology matters with various governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Since year 2004, he has participated in championing the course of Biotechnology and actively participated in events leading to enactment of Biosafety act, 2012. Additionally, he worked with other stakeholders in drafting of Bioscience Bill. He has also, participated in other government activities such as compiling government paper on natural capital development that time under the Ministry of Environment.

In the East African Region, he has been involved in project evaluation for the Tanzanian Government among other undertakings.

Prof. Paul Njiruh Nthakanio
Registrar- Planning, Administration and Finance