Vision & Mission


A dynamic epicenter of excellence in training and research for service to humanity.


To generate, advance and disseminate knowledge through training, research and innovation for the development of humanity.


Enhancing human capacity through relevant education, research and training.


  • To develop and enhance infrastructure for effective delivery of the Institution’s mandate.
  • To promote good governance and leadership.
  • To expand the capacity of operations and services.
  • To recruit, develop and retain highly qualified, motivated and committed human resource.
  • To mainstream ICT in training and operations.
  • To establish effective collaborations and partnerships with national, regional and international organizations.
  • To achieve financial stability and sustainability.
  • To respond to emerging issues.


  • Integrity – UoEm Community embraces honesty, truthfulness, accountability and transparency in all our engagements
  • Innovativeness – Innovation is the engine for our institutional development. We will continue to facilitate and encourage novelty in ideas and technologies in all our endeavors.
  • Professionalism – UoEm has a highly qualified staff for the various services and products we offer. We therefore embrace work ethics in provision of services.
  • Customer focus – We ensure that our objectives and operations are linked to customer needs and expectations. We therefore focus on strategies to meet current and future expectations of our customers.
  • Teamwork – We acknowledge and continuously strengthen unity of purpose as an important ingredient of our work environment. We embrace collective responsibility for the efficient delivery of services


“Knowledge Transforms”