Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Research & Extension)

The Academics, Research and Extension Division is one of the two divisions of University of Embu, each headed by a Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The Academics, Research and Extension division is responsible for;

  • Management of academic activities and the coordination of the implementation of academic programmes, including aligning the academic plans to the university strategic plan
  • Education planning and policy formulation, including quality assurance of education in relation to undergraduate and postgraduate education and scholarship, and management and development of admission policy
  • Promoting student welfare through provision of quality student services
  • Establishing collaborations, partnerships and linkages with other institutions to enhance the quality of teaching, research and to promote extension activities

In the management of academic programmes, our guiding principal is “Excellence in Service Delivery”. In line with this commitment, we are always striving to meet and exceed the demands of our internal and external customers. Our key clients are students admitted to study at the university. Our desire is to ensure that students graduating from the university have a strong foundation of broad knowledge, effective written and oral communication skills, a strong ethical base, a sense of civic responsibility, proficiency in the use of technology, a global perspective and desire to purse lifelong learning.

Cognizant of the central role played by the learner in the learning process, the University has adopted the ‘learner centered’ approach in content coverage in all its programmes. In using this approach, we desire to create an environment that is conducive for inculcating well-developed intellectual skills in their respective fields of specialization. Our emphasis is on offering market-driven and market-relevant programmes working closely with stakeholders in the training of our students. Our goal is to ensure that the University attains a world-class status in its service to humanity.
The Division is currently divided into two sections;

The Academic section is structured into six schools, each further subdivided into Academic Departments. Each school is headed by a Dean or Director and is responsible for the administration of various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in its area of specialization.

The schools are;

  • School of Pure & Applied Sciences
  • School of Agriculture
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Business and Economics
  • School of Education and Social Sciences
  • School of Law

The Academic Services and Students Affairs section undertakes various aspects of the University’s academic administration and supports the teaching and learning functions of the schools and the Academic Committees. These functions are;

  • Admissions – registration, advice & guidance for prospective students
  • Students Registry
  • Examinations and graduation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Teaching programmes
  • Academic Board Affairs
  • Academic Audit
  • Timetabling
  • Students Affairs
  • Students’ Governance
  • Student’s Welfare – Sports & Games, Entertainment, Health, Catering and Accommodation
  • Chaplaincy & Counseling
  • Liaison with HELB, Parents, Guardians, Sponsors

In the field of research, the division aspires to contribute to the realization of the university mission, which is, “to generate, advance and disseminate knowledge through training, research and innovation for the development of humanity”. The University has set up several strong multidisciplinary research teams focusing on a number of thematic areas whose activities are aimed advancing knowledge and learning through the provision of the necessary infrastructure to ensure quality research.

In line with our motto ‘KNOWLEDGE TRANSFORMS, we recognize that research output can be of value to the solution of societal challenges as well as societal transformation. In this regard, the division regularly organizes community extension activities aimed at showcasing best practices and innovative approaches in fields of science. To enhance the effectiveness of extension services, we have established linkages with various industries, local and international partners to promote innovation and commercialization of research outputs, and to support the adoption of these technologies.

Prof. Kiplagat Kotut
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, Research and Extension