University of Embu Researchers Win Grant for Responsible Computing Challenge

University of Embu researchers have been awarded a USD 25,000 grant by the Mozilla Foundation for the Responsible Computing Challenge. Dr. Victoria Mukami, Dr. Consolata Gakii, Dr. Philemon Kasyoka, and Dr. Peter Rugano will lead this innovative research project titled “Innovative, Multidisciplinary, and Ethically Informed Student Projects through Critical and Design Thinking.” They will incorporate ethics into system analysis and design courses, equipping students with essential skills for developing responsible projects. This grant underscores the university’s commitment to nurturing ethical technologists.

Among the eight universities in Kenya chosen for this opportunity, the University of Embu will receive the grant to develop and teach an ethics-based computer science curriculum. The Responsible Computing Challenge aims to foster an ecosystem of ethical technologists, expanding its influence from the United States to higher learning institutions in Kenya. This grant recognizes the University of Embu’s commitment to cultivating responsible and ethical practices within the field of computer science.

The project team is multidisciplinary with expertise and dedication that will ensure successful implementation and contribute to the advancement of ethical practices within the field of computer science. The roles of team members are:

  • Victoria Mukami – Principal Investigator from the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CIT)
  • Consolata Gakii – Ethics Lead from the Department of CIT
  • Philemon Kasyoka – Responsible Computing Lead from the Department of CIT
  • Peter Rugano – Multidisciplinary Expert from the Department of Education

We are excited about the possibilities this grant presents for the University of Embu and our students. It is a testament to our institution’s commitment to shaping the next generation of ethical technologists and fostering responsible innovation.

Follow our journey as we embark on this exciting endeavour to cultivate responsible computing and ethical decision-making among our students. Stay tuned for updates and progress reports on our website and social media platforms.

Let’s build a future where technology is not only innovative but also serves the greater good of society.


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