St. Mary Gatakaa and Kirwara Secondary School Educational Visit

Photos taken during a visit by St. Mary Gatakaa Secondary School and  Kirwara Secondary School on Friday, 7th July, 2023. The visit was organised by the UoEm Corporate Affairs Office under the Secondary School’s Students Mentorship and Career Guidance Programme. This University CSR flagship programme seeks to equip the students with knowledge on available career paths after secondary school as well as the necessary skills to enable them to succeed in their academic, professional and social life.

Resource persons drawn from a variety of disciplines offered in the University talked to the students about career choices, their academic requirements, life Career Mentorship for Secondary Schools skills for personal growth and tips for academic success. This encouraged the students to dedicate themselves fully to ensuring that they not only meet but also surpass their career goals. The visibly excited students expressed their gratitude to the University for the knowledge they had acquired from the various speakers.

After the mentorship session, the students visited Prof. George Magoha Library, the University Farm and other areas of interest around the University. Ms. Nyakio Mabe from St. Mary Gatakaa Secondary School, on behalf of the visiting schools, thanked the University Management for the noble initiative of guiding learners and equipping them with necessary information and knowledge, necessary to further their education.